After steam production piping (from wells) completed and handed over it to O&M team (accepted with no finding status certainly), and also prior to PIS (put in service) by Operation team, Reservoir team will perform flow test activities first to ensure that the production wells are OK to produce steam as per required. It will be required 1 week or more for well test of 1 well.


The aim of flow test is to know more regarding characteristic of each wells, like as follow:

  • Steam rate and brine rate, in kph
  • Well head pressure (WHP), in psig
  • Well temperature, in oF
  • Non condensable gas (NCG), in % wt


So, from the flow test will be detected whether the each wells are still be economic as production wells.


Step by step of flow test activities as follow (see picture 01 below):

  • Open 12” master valve (fully opened)
  • Close 18” FCV valve (fully closed) and 3” stimulation line / bleed line (fully closed)
  • Open 2” by pass valve (fully opened)
  • Open 10” well test line / start up line (fully opened) to 36” well test silencer, 12” upstream pipe of well test silencer will intercept each 10” start up line from wells.
  • Check well characteristic (flow, pressure, temperature, NCG)


00. P&ID of Production Well

Picture 01: P&ID of Production Well



One of important part while perform flow test is well test silencer. The aim of well test silencer is to receive steam flow rate and its condensation because steam flow from production wells still not be putted in the system yet, and also to muffle and to reduce noisiness during flow test activities. Afterwards, accumulation of the condensed steam in well test silencer will be conveyed by drain line (gravity) to well pad sump.


The well test silencer is designed to intercept maximum capacities of steam flow from production wells at one well pad. Due to highest of steam velocity going to well test silencer wherever possible occur erode  along the wall of well test silencer, thus corrosion allowance (CA) of well test silencer is more thick than others in its piping system.


So, the roles of well test silencer during flow test is very important, butima…


The following is how to design well test silencer, monggo di down load…

Design of Well Test Silencer



01. 36 in. well test silencer fabricationPicture 02: 36″ well test silencer fabrication

02. 12 in. upstream pipe installationPicture 03: 12″ upstream pipe installation

03. Put 100 mm round rock in well test silencer boxPicture 04: Put round rocks in well test silencer box

04. Well Test Silencer installation completePicture 05: Well Test Silencer installation complete

05. Flow Test activitiesPicture 06: Flow test activities from wells