Dirjen Migas No. 84.K/38/DJM/1998 – Pemeriksaan Keselamatan Kerja atas Instalasi dan Peralatan (SKPI & SKPP)


One of important points of this government regulation is how to certify equipments/devices as follow:
– PSV (Pressure Safety Valve)
– Pressure Vessel
– Lifting Device
– Electrical Equipment (Generator, Transformer, Switchgear, MCC)
– Rotating Equipment (Pump, Compressor, Turbine)
– Distribution Pipeline

And also carry out certification for installation as follow:
– Exploitation and exploration installation
– Purification and Processing Installation
– Storage and Marketing installations

In Indonesia, certification of equipments/devices called SKPP (Sertifikasi Kelayakan Penggunaan Peralatan – Equipment Worthiness Certificate), other certification discussed in this regulation covering also for SKPI (Sertifikasi Kelayakan Penggunaan Instalasi – Installation Worthiness Certificate) and SKKP (Sertifikasi Kelayakan Konstruksi Platform – Platform Construction Worthiness Certificate).

Documents of equipments/devices which must be verified and reviewed for certification as follow:
1. Techniques that will be used is with to check and review procedures like as follow:
– WPS/PQR/Welder Certificate
– NDT Report & NDT personal qualification
– Pressure Test and Leakage Test
– Load Test
– Reparation, Modification, and Alteration Procedure
– Verification of all manufacturing QC System

2. Technical documents to be checked and reviewed:
– Sizing and Calculation
– Construction Drawing
– Material Specification
– Construction Work Procedure (Welding Procedure, PWHT Procedure, NDT Procedure, Reparation Procedure, Pressure Test Procedure)
– WPS/PQR/Welder Certificate
– NDT personal qualification


But, to know in detail about this government regulation how to get certification of equipments/devices, in order to better read all of contents of this regulation.. 🙂